The TTF Team

Anubhav Das | Director | Photographer | Lead Documentor

With over 15 years of experience in visual communications (photography and design) an leading businesses in various industries, Anubhav is a published photographer and exhibiting artist. An alumnus of International Center of Photography, New York, Anubhav has works on projects across a range of areas including brand development, online presence, strategy & innovation, marketing and collateral development. His recent development photography assignments have included coverage of the Bihar Floods, Earthquake Rehabilitation in Kashmir, rural documentation in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Kerela, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram and tribal communities documentation in Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Orissa and Chattisgarh. In 2008, Anubhav co-founded ZinkID, a specialist design and photography agency in New Delhi, India.

Anubhav’s commitment to give a ‘voice’ to the unheard; and his dedication to conservation and creation of value to tribal communities led him to establish TTF in 2012.

Satyen Badhwar | Director | Videographer | Operations Controller

Satyen is the in-house powerhorse. His keen interest in the online and digital space, alongwith a passion for the visual medium ensured he became an expert in design for the digital world. As a natural progression to his interest in visual communications, Satyen is also a practicing and exhibiting photographer. His experience with marketing and consulting led to his co-founding ZinkID Media with Anubhav in 2008.

Satyen is also a co-founder of TTF. He believes that success in this endeavor will be directly linked to creating awareness with mainstream society. He leads the online engagement process at TTF.