Baiga – Anubhav Das

Baiga - Anubhav Das

Product Details

Hardcover: 104 pages including cover

Publisher: The Tribal Fund for Documentation and Conservation & INTACH

Language: English

Dimensions(in): 10.75 X 10.75

ISBN No. 978-93-82343-10-3

One of the lesser known tribal communities of India, the Baiga, inhabit the fairly inaccessible regions of Madhya Pradesh in Dindori district. The essay traces the cultural aspects of the community providing a glimpse into their life, their cultural practices and traditions – many continuing to this day. Combined with a selection of 60 photographs of the region and its people, the book provides a deeper understanding of the life of a community at a crossroads. The book has been published as a collaborative project between INTACH and The Tribal Fund

An alumnus of International Center of Photography, New York, Anubhav Das is a photographer and documenter. Over the past several years, he has worked on commissions with national and international development organisations. Anubhav also works with photography as a fine art. In 2012, Anubhav co-founded The Tribal Fund to document and create opportunities for the preservation of tribal communities and their culture.



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